American Evangelical pastor plans to burn Quran

We’ve all read about the American pastor who is planning a ‘World Koran Burning Day.’ The irony is just how close Evangelical Protestantism is to Islam in many respects:
its position on the primacy of Scripture, the position of women and gays, the rejection of a centralised ecclesiastical tradition in favour of smaller groups led by teachers. Perhaps it is their very proximity that makes them such bitter enemies.

The fact that Nazis burnt politically antithetical materials probably won’t bother rightist Evangelicals. Perhaps we should remind them that the banning and burning of religious books – especially the Bible – is more the prerogative of extreme socialists: the various Communist regimes around the world. I doubt that the Koran-burners want to be thought of as ‘pinko lefties.’

If they are genuine Republicans, then they must allow that freedom of religion is a fundamental freedom afforded by the Constitution. Without it, their own assortment of sects and tabernacles would be tolerated no more than Islam: America would still be all-Episcopalian. Oh, the horror!

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