Fr Thomas Plant is Chaplain of Rikkyo University in Tokyo, and Fellow of the Cambridge Centre for the Study of Platonism, where he leads the Muslim-Christian research project, Metaphysics Across Borders.

Since writing his doctoral thesis on the comparative philosophy of Dionysius and Shinran, he has been involved in longstanding active interfaith dialogue with Shin Buddhist clergy and academics in the UK and Japan.

Plant has been a contributor to Living Church, The Mallard, The Eastern Buddhist, Faith and Worship and Third Way.

He lives in Ikebukuro with his wife and daughters, and enjoys practising Aikido and playing the shakuhachi flute.

What People Say

“Reading Tom Plant’s The Lost Way to the Good is like drinking from a stream: fresh, clear, thirst-quenching.”

Stephen J. Blackwood, Founder of Ralston College

“Plant writes with admirable verve, eloquence, and scholarly precision.”

Douglas Hedley, Director of the Cambridge Centre for the Study of Platonsim

“For any caught in the post-truth relativism and fragmentation of contemporary Western culture, Tom Plant will prove an engaging, learned, and persuasive companion and guide.”

Bishop Michael Ipgrave

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