Happy Japanese Christmas!

Happy Christmas, everyone. People often ask me what a “Japanese Christmas” is like. Well, these videos will give you an idea of what a Christian Japanese Christmas can be like.

First, Sung Mass for Christmas day. It would usually be a High Mass, but it’s been slightly stripped down for Covid reasons. It’s still considerably more elaborate in ceremonial than most celebrations in England. The setting is plainsong and all readings are chanted.

Next, here’s our service of Nine Lessons and Carols from Rikkyo University choir:

And finally, here’s the entire Rikkyo Gakuin, including choirs and bands from the primary and secondary schools as well as the University, using all three of our chapels for our Christmas Eve service. It has been beautifully filmed, and while it’s long, it’s worth watching!


Christ is born! Alleluia.

Fr Thomas Plant 

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